GM boasts top world sales once more

General Motors is once more the best-selling vehicle maker, selling 9.03 million cars and vans worldwide last year.

The figure represents a 7.6% increase from the year before and the sales topped Toyota by a million - after the Japanese giant had snatched the title from GM in 2008.

GM's net income was 7.1 billion dollars (£4.6 billion) for the first three quarters of 2011 and it is expected to add to that when it reports fourth-quarter and full-year results next month.

Its sales, with the Chevrolet brand leading by selling a record 4.76 million, rose in all of its regions - North America, Europe, South America and International Operations including Asia.

GM topped global sales for more than 70 years until Toyota overtook. GM filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 and needed a US government bail-out to carry on.

The maker is making a profit once more as its products sell well around the world.

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