Gloucester commuters 'grumpiest'

A new survey suggests that passengers in Gloucester are the grumpiest in the UK, while in Chelmsford commuters are deemed more courteous.

Badoo, a social network website, questioned 2,000 people and discovered that more than eight in 10 people (86%) in the Essex town were more likely to give up their seats to the most needy - compared with just 23% of those in Gloucester who were less chivalrous.

More than half (56%) of the study's participants said they often smiled at strangers they pass while on their way to work, and a further 44% said they started a chat with people travelling next to them. The report also said that the friendliest passengers could be found in cities such as Cardiff, Aberdeen and Oxford.

However, two-fifths (42%) of the respondents prefer to read or listen to music while travelling. Overall 48% of passengers in London named as the most likely to shy away from communicating with other commuters.

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