Giant horse "may be a distraction"

A sculpture of a giant white horse which is due to be erected alongside the A2 in Kent, may distract some motorists, a survey has shown.

A poll by car insurance company esure found 12% of motorists have crashed or have been close to having an accident after becoming distracted when passing landmarks at the side of the road.

A total of 1,000 motorists were surveyed and 66% said they had lost concentration because of landmarks having been inclined to look at them while driving.

The most distracting landmark according to motorists was Stonehenge in Wiltshire, then the Angel of the North on Tyneside, followed by the London Eye.

A total 47% thought next to busy roads was not the appropriate place for national landmarks and 49% thought signs should be put up warning drivers of approaching sculptures, encouraging them to slow down.

Mike Pickard, at esure, said: "Spotting famous landmarks has long been a fun part of road trips, but this can also lead drivers to distraction as they take their eyes away from the road, slow down or brake suddenly."

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