Germany toll targets foreign drivers

Germany toll targets foreign drivers

Tourists in Germany may soon have to pay a car toll, under proposals announced by the country's transport minister.

Alexander Dobrindt revealed that Germany plans to adopt the same measures used in many other European countries by adding a car toll to its already existing truck fees.

From 2016, foreign drivers would be expected to pay 10 euro (£7.95) for a 10-day toll sticker, available online or at filling stations, while one-year and two-month stickers will also be on offer.

Mr Dobrindt said it was unfair that foreign drivers do not contribute to road maintenance and the move was closing the "fairness gap".

Car engine size and environmental credentials will determine the cost of annual fees, he said, with the average expected to be in the region of 88 euro (£70).

Overall, Mr Dobrindt expects the scheme could bring in 2.5 billion euro (£2.7 billion) over four years.

The move is the brainchild of the Bavaria-based conservative party, but doubts have been voiced by coalition partners within chancellor Angela Merkel's government.

However, Mr Dobrindt believes worries that the system will not be compatible with the European Union and would single out foreign drivers will not be a problem.

EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas' office said it identified "many positive elements" in the plan but "until all the details are known and discussed there can be no green or red light from Brussels".

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