Garages 'too cluttered for parking'

A survey has found that most households in the UK use their garages to store possessions rather than park their car in it.

According to the poll by, items worth an average of £3,400 are kept in a typical garage.

Over two-thirds of Britons who own a garage, park their cars worth an average of £13,487 on the road or driveway.

Despite 41% of respondents being concerned about their car being stolen or vandalised, 25% have said that they park their vehicles on their drive and not in the garage.

Some 25.5% admit that they park outside as they feel it takes too much effort to park their vehicles in garages.

Parking cars in a garage is safe and could also save drivers a lot of money on their car insurance.

Car owners are forced to look for other places to park their vehicles as their garages are mostly too cluttered, with a third of those polled admitting that they find it difficult to find on-street parking.

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