Garages 'intimidate women drivers'

Over half of female motorists find taking their car in for a service to be a daunting experience, according to a poll.

Of the 4,000 women polled, 52% said they were intimidated when visiting a garage, while almost a third (31%) would like to visit a women-only garage, a survey by Diamond found.

Six out of ten women said that motor sales people were patronising, while a third preferred to buy a car from a woman.

Women aged 19-25 are most anxious about a visit to the garage, with 57% of them feeling intimidated. Women aged over 55 are the most confident, with only 37% daunted by service areas or showrooms.

Diamond managing director Sian Lewis said: "Today's generation of female motorists are knowledgeable about cars and many do basic servicing themselves. According to our research, over 70% of women know how to check the oil, water and tyre pressure on their car.

"However garages still seem to be very much men's domain and can be intimidating for some women. Women-only garages could make for a more comfortable experience."

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