Garages buoyed by the downturn

Back street garages are to benefit from the current economic squeeze as hard-pressed drivers pass on new vehicle purchases and concentrate on maintaining their existing cars, a study has suggested.

The survey internet tyre retailer found the next 12 months will see the majority of car owners tightening their belts and choosing not to spend their hard-earned cash on such big ticket purchases as new vehicles.

Fewer than 6% said they would definitely buy a replacement vehicle in 2009, while almost half of the 1,500 asked believed such a major purchase would be unlikely to figure in their spending plans, while 35% ruled out the idea entirely.

Michael Welch, managing director of, said: "Consumers are being more careful than ever with their spending decisions and a big part of that is cutting down on major purchases. Buying new cars falls into this bracket and it's no surprise to see people hold on to their cars - and their money - for the time being.

"Drivers have to maintain their vehicles, no matter what, so in a time of doom and gloom, it's good to hear that people will be queuing around the block at their local garage."

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