Garage carries £150,000 price tag

A garage has gone on the market in Edinburgh for over the cost of many flats in the city.

The 18ft by 18ft building in NE Thistle Street Lane is up for sale for £150,000.

The parking spot, which lies between George Street and Queen Street in Edinburgh's New Town, has space to accommodate two cars.

According to selling agents Fraser Brooks & Co, it is a "superior spacious two-car garage in a prime city centre location".

The property is advertised at a fixed price, and is described as being in an "excellent condition throughout".

Kenneth Cameron, a partner at the firm, said the garage could prove convenient for people living and working in the centre of the Scottish capital.

He said: "Edinburgh's got a vibrant city centre and it is very residential compared to, say, Glasgow or London.

"The New Town, in particular, is becoming increasingly residential and parking is of course a major problem.

"You could own the garage and rent the second space to somebody, so you'd have the convenience of 24-hour parking and a small income coming in."

The New Town also offers some on-street parking facilities, however, garages are considered to be more secured, particularly for people with expensive cars.

Mr Cameron said garages have been trading "relatively healthily" and have also been doing well in the rental market.

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