Games traffic warning for commuters

London's transport commissioner Peter Hendy has advised commuters to plan their daily travel during the 2012 Games as the event will increase traffic in parts of the city.

According to Transport for London (TfL) figures, around 30% of road traffic in Greater London will face some level of disruption during Olympic Games.

Along with the usual 12 million trips, the public transport will have an additional three million trips on the busiest days during the event.

However, TfL assures that two-thirds of Tube and Docklands Light Railways stations will not be affected in terms of additional time taken to board a train.

In order to help people and businesses make their travel plans on the busy days, an online hotspot information and travel advice site - at - has been published.

With road journey planning, TfL hopes to reduce commuter numbers on the busiest days and at the busiest times, as they expect the impact to be as high as 50%-60% at specific hotspot locations.

Business leaders at a central London conference on the transport issues of the Games were urged to plan and try to be flexible about their travel trips during the event.

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