Games and films 'encourage speeding'

A report has warned computer games and Hollywood films are encouraging motorists to speed.

The report from Co-operative Insurance found there is a "cachet of excitement and glamour around speeding" fuelled by high-speed car chases in films and programmes such as Top Gear.

The research, which has been launched at an event attended by the road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick, suggests more than a third of drivers aged 17-18 and a quarter of 19- 21-year-olds break the speed limit at least once a day.

Based on responses from 3,000 people 17% of the teenage drivers said they never exceeded the limit, but more than half of older drivers said they never went over the legal limit.

The report also highlights a difference between male and female drivers, with twice as many men breaking the speed limit every day than women.

Of the women questioned 78% said they were worried about the consequences of speeding, but only 59% of men expressed concern about breaking speed limits.

David Neave, director of general insurance at Co-operative Insurance, said: "We need to create the same stigma for speeding that currently exists now against drink-driving."

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