Gadgets drive 70% to distraction

Car gadgets are a major source of distraction for as many as seven in 10 drivers, according to a new survey.

Gadgets are off-putting for 70% of drivers, who said they would feel safer with fewer of them. Sat nav was the biggest distraction, with almost 30% of those questioned by website saying it affected their driving.

Another big cause of confusion was using iPods and CDs, and steering wheel control buttons also affected the concentration of many drivers.

Those questioned in the survey also found smoking, eating and drinking, children and pets distracting in the car.

Katie Armitage, marketing manager for, said: "Many modern cars are filled with gadgets and gizmos and for many drivers are seen as not only confusing to use, but also a major cause of distraction for both themselves and other drivers.

"On the back of these findings we are urging manufacturers to 'Go back to Basics' and to consider the safety of drivers and how they use the add-ons with the emphasis being placed on not losing concentration."

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