Gadgets 'can cause car sickness'

Vehicle passengers have more chance of suffering car sickness if they use gadgets such as in-car entertainment and sat navs, or even by playing simple games, research has revealed.

Such gadgets are popular presents at Christmas, but using them can increase the chances of people getting sick in cars, according to the study by transport research laboratory TRL and the esure car insurance company.

The poll of 1,012 drivers found that 33% of those questioned had been sick in a car by the time they reached the age of 12.

In-car devices and the playing of games such as I Spy creates a conflicting sense of balance such as that experienced when trying to read books and maps in a car and which can lead to sickness.

Esure's head of risk and underwriting, Mike Pickard, said: "As well as being an inconvenience, car sickness can be dangerous, especially if it causes the driver to avert their attention away from the road.

"With hand-held games and in-car gadgetry being popular gifts this Christmas, motorists should be aware of potential 'side-effects' of in-car entertainment.

"Drivers and passengers need to understand what steps to take to prevent car sickness in order to make their journeys more pleasant and the roads safer."

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