Further surge in new car sales

Further surge in new car sales

Sales of new cars in the UK could return to the levels seen before the recession by the end of the year, new data suggests.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reports April saw an 8.2% year-on-year rise in the number of new vehicle registrations, to 176,820.

It means 864,942 new cars have been sold in Britain since the start of the year, 12.5% more than the same period in 2013.

The SMMT believes the number of registrations of new cars in the UK will hit 2.4 million by the end of the year, 6% more than the previous 12 months and similar to the sales seen before the economic downturn in 2008.

March was a bumper month for the car industry and although the April increase was more modest, the figures are still heading in the right direction, according to the chief executive of the SMMT, Mike Hawes.

He said the latest rise in new car sales means the society has had to up its forecast for the year by another 100,000 units from 2.3 million to 2.4 million.

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