Further snowfall to hit motorists

Millions of motorists have been faced with difficult motoring conditions as they return to work following the Christmas period, according to motoring groups.

The groups have once again been preparing for travel chaos, with many cars failing to start in the sub-zero morning temperatures after being left unused for the past fortnight.

Fresh snowfall, severe frosts and ice on the roads have been predicted over the first half of January, as the coldest December for 13 years is followed by an icy start to the new year. Temperatures as low as minus 17C have been recorded in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, while lows of minus 15C have been forecast in parts of England and Scotland this week.

MeteoGroup forecaster Brendan Jones said that the brief lull in snow showers on Sunday is likely to be ended as a blanket of snow forms and starts moving south from Scotland.

Eastern and central England are expected to experience snowfall on Tuesday, before snow showers reach London and the South East on Wednesday.

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