Fuel mistakes causing breakdowns

Filling up with the wrong fuel is causing seven drivers in Scotland to break down every day,Êit has been revealed.Ê

Around 2% of RAC call-outs involve "misfuelling", with petrol being poured into diesel tanks the most common mistake.

Ten years ago misfuelling comprised less than 1% of RAC call-outs. In the UK it now makes up 1.25% of call-outs, or around 115 calls every day. Monday mornings and Friday evenings are the most likely time for the mistakes, it reported.

The AA estimated that around 12,600 misfuelling cases are reported in Scotland each year. The recovery firm has called for standardised colours to help motorists distinguish between diesel and petrol hoses on forecourts.

An AA spokesman said: "Misfuelling is most common on Monday mornings and Friday evenings when your mind is elsewhere: what's on TV, weekend, kids, dinner.

"Filling up tends to take longer than people realise, so they're often rushing and not concentrating; just a momentary lapse in concentration can be an expensive mistake. 

"It is an increasing problem due to the popularity of diesel cars and increasing multi-car households, often one diesel and one petrol."

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