Fuel Lobby leader calls for action

Truckers and fuel tanker drivers have banded together to attempt to "bring the Government down" in protest of soaring petrol prices, according to a Fuel Lobby leader.

Andrew Spence said he is willing to lead his group of truck drivers in a clash against the army to prevent them from distributing fuel around the country. Their plans include blocking refineries and causing gridlock on the motorways to try to stop them.

The farmer from County Durham was a key figure in the protests 12 years ago which resulted in a shortage of fuel in 3,000 garages. He expressed concern at increasing prices and has claimed his support for tanker drivers in their current personal battle.

"We have been in negotiations with the tanker drivers since 2000 and have been aware of their grievances for some time," he said. "We have said to them we may have to stand beside them in any protest. We are better organised than we were in 2000. This time we will bring the Government down."

Unite, the trade union representing the fuel tanker drivers, said they are currently in discussions at Acas to prevent industrial action from taking place.

It is advisable for motorists to ensure they havebreakdown cover in case a strike does take place and they run out of fuel.

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