Fuel economy main buyers' priority

Fuel economy main buyers' priority

More than seven out of 10 (71%) motorists consider fuel economy to be the most important factor when deciding on a new car, a poll has revealed.

According to the Auto Trader report, 43% of drivers said low emissions were a key factor when choosing their next vehicle.

This compares with more than half (53%) for economy and almost a quarter (24%) for emissions when their present car was purchased.

While the cost of car insurance could be a factor for some motorists, the emphasis on fuel economy has increased, as well as a focus on low carbon emissions, as drivers become more aware of the environmental approach when purchasing a new car.

Many of those who respondent to the survey admitted they had switched from petrol to diesel cars. Around four in 10 (41%) said the previously owned a diesel car, while more than half (52%) revealed the presently drive a diesel vehicle. Around 58% of motorists said running costs of the car was the main reason for the switch.

The issue of fuel economy depended greatly on age. For those the 17 to 24 age group, almost two thirds said fuel economy was not a factor when buying a new car.

The most fuel economy conscious motorists were those over 65, with almost two thirds (62%) claiming it was a priority when buying their present car.

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