Fuel costs 'increasing in Europe'

Fuel costs on the continent have gone up slightly, dealing a blow to Britons taking motoring holidays abroad.

Rises of more than 20% were registered for the 12-month period in some countries. However, overall prices in Europe are still lower than those in Britain, Post Office Travel Money said.

Five of the 13 European nations compared with the UK had lower petrol prices, while diesel was cheaper in all countries except Norway.

The average UK price for a litre of petrol at the end of May was 122p, while in Luxembourg it cost 107p. Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland were the other countries with cheaper petrol.

Petrol prices in Norway were the highest at 148p, followed by the Netherlands (145p), Denmark (137p) and Belgium (136p).

Diesel was cheapest in Luxembourg at 91p a litre, as opposed to 123p in the UK. The most expensive diesel was found in Norway at 135p.

The survey showed petrol prices in the UK rose 17.3% year-on-year, while Spain and Sweden saw higher increases of 22.8% and 24.5% respectively.

Diesel prices in Britain increased 17.1% in the last 12 months, while in Denmark and Austria the rise was more than 25% and in Sweden the figure shot up to 34.5%.

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