Fuel costs boost public transport

High fuel prices are forcing more than three in five car drivers onto public transport, a National Express survey has shown.

It found that 61% of 2,000 car users are definitely or probably considering using public transport due to fuel price hikes, which have forced a similar number to rethink how they use their cars.

A total of 33% said they were not thinking about a switch to public transport, while 21% said the recent economic difficulties had had no effect on their car usage.

The poll also showed that people from all ages and all parts of Britain were considering leaving the car at home, with those from the top socio-economic groupings more keen to do this than those in the lower ones.

National Express group chief executive Richard Bowker said: "The public transport industry is seeing clear evidence that, due to the rapid increase in petrol prices, people are changing the way they travel in Britain.

"Our industry has a unique opportunity to rise to the challenge and show people they can dump the pump."

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