Fuel costs 'an increasing worry'

The cost of petrol and diesel is an increasing worry for drivers, according to a survey by the new The Sun on Sunday, which showed 58% of adults spend more on fuel than a few years previously.

More than half of Britons want the Chancellor to cancel a planned 3p fuel duty rise in his March Budget. With costs rising generally, motorists are having to plan their road finances ever more carefully, particularly in order to cover vital expenses such ascar insurance .

The figures from the YouGov poll, which followed the announcement that the price of diesel is now at a record high, also showed 64% of Britons spend more on food and groceries. And more than two thirds pay more for heating.

Increasing living costs mean 46% do not spend as much on holidays and more than half spend less on clothes and luxuries such as restaurants and cinemas.

The gloom looks set to continue as the poll showed 5,091 adults predict economic recovery taking five to 10 years.

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