Fresh snow may cause travel chaos

Motorists are being warned of dangerous icy roads and possible travel disruptions on Thursday as parts of the country witnessed heavy snowfalls and rain.

Forecasters said up to 10cm of snow fell overnight in Kent and East Sussex, and drifting was likely to create deeper lying snow in places.

The eastern half of England experienced lighter falls, which raise the possibility of icy road surfaces, the Met Office said.

Several places across central and eastern Britain received rain, sleet and snow sweeping over from the North Sea

Temperatures dropped to below zero in many areas that did not get snow. Shap in Cumbria was the coldest at minus 8C.

John Hutchinson of MeteoGroup UK, the weather division of the Press Association, said more falls were likely in Kent and East Sussex early on Thursday but "the worst of it will be over by midday".

He added that central and southern parts of England were likely to experience some snow showers at night.

The cold weather would continue into the weekend but it was unlikely to be as severe as the December and January freeze, forecasters said.

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