French beat fuel efficiency record

A French team has broken a fuel efficiency record on the first day of racing at the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon.

Polyjule Polytech Nantes recorded the equivalent of 4,414km on a single litre of fuel at the event in Germany with their hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle.

They beat ETH Zurich of Switzerland, who held the previous record of 3,836km on one litre of fuel since 2005.

Polyjule Polytech Nantes team leader Paulin Tranchard said: "Believe it or not, the car broke down yesterday on the fifth trial run, so we're ecstatic to have been able to pull together the combined efforts of all of the team members not only to get the car back up and running but to smash the previous record so emphatically!".

The Shell Eco-marathon invites participants from the world over to design and race cars using as little fuel as possible. It results in a variety of high-tech solutions that eventually reach regular production cars.

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