Freezing Friday sees driveway despair, says RAC

Sub-zero temperatures overnight across the country have seen many drivers wake up to find their cars frozen on their driveways.

This morning RAC has seen a significant increase in the number of frozen brakes, hand-brakes and door locks as motorists battle against the arctic temperatures.

As at 10am calls are peaking at around 2,500 per hour and the busiest areas are in Scotland, Yorkshire, the North East and the Midlands with snow and ice continuing to cause major disruption.

Alan Wilcock, RAC Patrol Ambassador of the Year, said: "If you find your brakes are frozen, or your hand-brake is stuck on, then the best thing to do is to pour some hot water over the rear wheels - don't pour it over the tyres though - but try to pour it through the spokes on to the brakes themselves with a jug or a watering can for instance."

RAC has around 2000 patrols across the UK who can be accompanied by media to get an accurate 'view from the road.' It also has spokespeople available in London and at its key operations centre, near Birmingham, with access to views across the M6 and RAC’s busy call centre.