Freezing conditions back in the UK

Forecasters correctly predicted that freezing conditions would head back to the UK on Monday after a short break from the big chill, making it more difficult for drivers to commute.

Though parts of the UK saw some sun which helped snow to thaw on Sunday, icy conditions returned overnight with temperatures dropping to -15C in parts of Yorkshire.

Forecasters have warned that sub-zero conditions, along with more snow and fog, will make it difficult for commuters to head to work on the wintry roads.

Motorists have been urged to drive carefully as the roads may be slippery and heavy snowfall may block some areas.

The mercury could drop to as low as -5C to -10C in many parts of the country during early morning.

Further snowfall is also expected to blanket Scotland and northern England.

Paul Mott, forecaster forMeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association said: "It will be a pretty cold commute to work for a lot of people today. The cold weather has really returned, by 1 am the temperature in Topcliffe in North Yorkshire had fallen to -15C.

"There will be widespread snow in central and southern Scotland, this will spread to Cumbria and the North East throughout the day. Some areas can expect snowfalls of between five to 10 centimetres.

"Further south there will be some patches of freezing fog, particularly in central England, areas such as Gloucester and the Cotswolds for example. And drivers should certainly take the freezing fog into account when planning a journey."

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