Free badges for disabled motorists

The Welsh government has announced that it will pay for free blue parking badges for disabled drivers by scrapping compulsory newspaper advertisements that warn motorists about road works.

Under a new plan proposed by Welsh ministers, disabled badges that currently cost £2 in Wales would be available for free for people with severe mobility problems.

The government intends to pay for the scheme by asking local authorities to stop advertising traffic orders in newspaper.

It was concerned that more than £1 million a year is spent placing traffic regulation orders in local newspapers.

However, many government sources have claimed that the loss of revenue for newspapers could create much controversies.

Moreover, the change in law would allow the government and other traffic authorities the "flexibility" to decide how to warn the public about road works.

It should be left to traffic authorities to decide if local newspaper adverts are the most suitable and cost-effective way of reaching motorists, according to a consultation paper.

There are currently around 230,000 blue disabled badges in circulation in Wales.

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