Fraudsters target 'white van man'

Fraudsters target 'white van man'

Some motorists have little time for 'white van men', usually unfairly assuming them to be inconsiderate and even aggressive drivers.

But some may now spare a bit more sympathy after a new study suggests they are being specifically targeted by 'crash for cash' criminals.

The research found almost a third (31%) of the deliberate collisions engineered by insurance fraudsters over the last year involved criminals crashing their car into a light commercial vehicle.

Experts at anti-fraud firm APU believe the trend is fuelled by a belief that commercial vehicles are more likely to have full insurance cover, and their pushed-for-time drivers less likely to dispute liability.

APU's investigative services director, Neil Thomas - a former police detective inspector - said fraud gangs are getting more sophisticated by using such logic to hand-pick their victims.

He said they are relying on the fact that the typical 'white van man' is more likely to just exchange insurance details and get on with their work following a bump, instead of sticking around to argue the case.

Each year suspected crash for cash frauds are estimated to cost around £392 million and are linked to nearly 70,000 personal injury claims.

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