Fraud risk from licence images

Fraud risk from licence images

Motorists have been warned that they are leaving themselves open to a high risk of identity fraud if they post images of their driving licence on social media websites.

The DVLA has become aware of an advert selling fake driving licences; an operation where fraudsters have been using photos of genuine driving licenses that have been posted on social media websites.

Although the pictures are posted in all innocence, motorists are unwittingly providing enough personal information for fraudsters to then commit fraud.

With only a few basic details, fraudsters can open bank accounts, obtain loans, credit cards and goods, or even commit car insurance fraud in your name. This would affect your personal finances until the matter is resolved.

Typically, the victims are young, excited drivers that have just received their full driving licenses and are eager for friends to share in their good news.

However, all motorists are warned that they should not post any personal details on social media websites, as this could easily compromise their identity.

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