Four-year-old crashes mother's car

A four-year-old boy in the US has had a lucky escape after he decided to take his mum's car out for a spin.

The boy managed to avoid serious injury but left his mother facing a potentially costly car insurance claim when he drove the vehicle into rush hour traffic and rolled it all the way over before crashing.

When the woman parked her car to use a nearby phone, her son clambered into the driver's seat and drove out on to a busy city road.

Police said the young joyrider swiped another car before veering into the path of oncoming traffic.

The vehicle then rolled over, but landed back on its tyres and kept going for around a third of a mile before crashing into some trees, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Local police sergeant Andrew Goodrich told the Orange County Register that the boy had been taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

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