'Four million more vehicles for UK'

With car production ever-increasing, UK motorists are to endure a future of road delays as an extra four million vehicles join the traffic over the next 25 years, according to the RAC.

Meanwhile Government spending on infrastructure is being cut.

By 2035 the volume of traffic on UK roads is expected to be 43% greater than now, suggesting good times ahead for car insurance companies.

The biggest increase in traffic will be in the East Midlands, the group said.

But t claims "the Government has significantly reduced road transport investment because of the recession and ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers".

Research by the RAC Foundation and consultancy group Arup found 96 unfunded plans to build roads are "sitting on the Department for Transport's shelves".

These plans would provide significant money to be made, with the top 10 projects each providing £6 for every pound invested, they claimed.

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