Forth Bridge plans under scrutiny

Commuters in Scotland have until the end of the month to have their voices heard over plans to convert the Forth Road Bridge into a "public transport corridor".

The Scottish Government has urged road users to come forward and add their opinion to the debate over whether the 2.5km bridge should be dedicated to buses, motorcycles and pedestrians, following the approval a new £2.3 billion bridge connecting Edinburgh with Fife.

The plans have already drawn criticism from some road users, who claim the bridge will become the "world's most expensive bus lane" and prove too costly to maintain for the volume of traffic it will carry.

The proposals are due to be scrutinised by the parliamentary Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee on Wednesday.

Green MSP for Glasgow and committee convener Patrick Harvie said: "The Government's plan to create a public transport corridor on the existing Forth Road Bridge, if Parliament approves the additional bridge, has widespread implications for the public transport infrastructure of Edinburgh, Fife and other geographical areas.

"We want to hear from as many individuals and organisations with an interest or involvement in these plans to assist the committee in its scrutiny process."

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