Foreign truckers face tougher rules

Foreign truckers face tougher rules

The Government plans to introduce new road regulations which would see foreign truck drivers fined on the spot if they are caught driving for longer periods than allowed.

The proposals, announced by Roads Minister Stephen Hammond, would give police officers the chance to issue on-the-spot fines, rather than having to take the truckers to court.

Officers would also be allowed to issue a penalty up to 28 days after an offence has been committed, and to enforce the HGV road user levy for the same amount of time.

Penalising foreign truckers is currently more difficult than fining UK hauliers, as drivers without a UK home address cannot be sent a court summons.

Mr Hammond said on-the-spot fines could be an effective means of fighting irresponsible driving, as tired drivers are more likely to have an accident.

He added that the new HGV levy shows the Government is determined to create a level playing field for UK and foreign drivers.

A consultation on the proposals, which would bring the UK in line with other EU countries, is due to run until August 11.

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