Ford unveils vehicle check service

Ford has introduced a new Econo Check service that is expected to help motorists save 25% on fuel bills and operating costs.

The service provides drivers with a vehicle inspection, an extended analysis of driving style and suggestions to improve fuel economy.

The inspection, targeted at most vehicles up to 12 years old, will begin with a check of all components affecting fuel use, such as tyre pressure and condition and oil and air filter cleanliness.

A small detachable data logger will be fixed on the vehicle for a period of seven days, which will collect data about driving speed, anticipation, braking and gear change. This will be followed by a personalised report issued by Ford.

The report will suggest adjustments to driving style so as to reduce fuel use and emissions. Ford claims its new service will save a 12,000-miles-a-year motorist up to £470 every year.

The service is priced at £29.99, out of which £15 will be returned to the motorist at the time of the next scheduled service. A limited-period offer of a £15 BP Ultimate fuel cashback voucher will also be available at Ford dealerships from July 9.

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