Ford unleashes Fiesta ST3

Ford unleashes Fiesta ST3

A new Fiesta ST performance hatch will come onto the market to help Ford build on encouraging initial sales figures.

The new ST3 comes with keyless entry, sat-nav, cruise control, auto wipers, auto headlights and power folding mirrors, and also features performance improvements.

The ST series has been generally well received by buyers and critics alike. The ST3 comes just a year after the current Fiesta ST's release. That model has shifted a massive 6,250 units in the UK - some 20% more than the company had predicted.

The new Fiesta builds on the ST2, with many of the changes introduced as a response to customer demand for higher specification models. Ford found that most buyers of the ST2 model were actually buying the current higher spec.

The new ST3 will be priced at £19,250, while a rear parking sensor option is available on the car for an extra £250.

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