Ford to unveil new people-mover

A new people-mover vehicle which claims to offer drivers and passengers a car-like experience will be unveiled by Ford.

The Tourneo vehicle will be fitted with some of the most luxurious technologies on the market for passengers, and will also feature advanced efficiency technologies.

Geneva International Motor Show will host the unveiling, highlighting design cues which took inspiration from the Kinetic design Ford has frequently used on its vehicles.

The event is just a taster of a new range of vehicles for Europe and Asia by the manufacturer, which will be unveiled throughout the year.

The eight-seated Tourneo is aimed at lifestyle users, and those in the executive shuttle business, but the vehicle could be used as an airport taxi or transport for chauffeur-driven point-to-point business.

Of course, it could also be used as an every day vehicle for family and friends who may wish to go on a day trip.

The designers of the people-mover have attempted to copy the look and feel of a high-quality car interior, while also utilising the space on offer.

Part-leather seats are a feature of the vehicle and add additional tactile impact.

The Econetic engine efficiency-boosting systems by Ford is a key technology in the Tourneo Custom Concept, along with a system that allows mobile phones to be voice-controlled.

Airbags are a stand-out safety feature, as there are more in the Tourneo than in any other similar vehicle.

A rear-view camera should make parking easier, and will hopefully further decrease the likelihood of car insurance claims, while lane departure warnings along with alerts for driver tiredness also feature in the vehicle.

The vehicle will get its power from a revised 2.2-litre Duratorg diesel engine, while an engine stop-start system is also present, along with either 153bhp, 123bhp or 99bhp.

Best-in-class fuel economy will be targeted by Ford, and the manufacturer will offer options for short and long wheelbase, in an attempt to attract as many customers as possible.

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