Ford reveals new Edge SUV model

Ford reveals new Edge SUV model

Ford has revealed its large Edge version of the in-demand SUV that will be hitting the roads of Europe by 2017.

The concept preview at the Los Angeles Auto Show came beside the EcoSport small SUV and its bigger cousin, the medium Kuga.

The Ford Edge is already a hit in the US and elsewhere and joins 24 other vehicles the car giant said last year will be on forecourts in Europe by 2017.

It is Ford's first big SUV developed for the continent and sees the firm join other car-makers in cashing in on high demand for SUVs.

Technology that helps the driver will be a feature of the Edge, with systems based on sensors and semi-automatic processes. One example is Fully Assisted Parking Aid, which builds on Active Park Assist to allow parking at the touch of a button - or even by remote control.

The car giant says fuel efficiency, capability and slick styling will be the key appeals of the new SUV. Steering at slow speeds and all manner of conditions is to be boosted by adaptive technology.

Ford's Americas president, Joe Hinrichs, said it will be a "global vehicle with technology to make life easier" and appeal to drivers all over the world.

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