Ford plans health applications

Ford Motor Company is developing a new voice-controlled wireless technology designed to monitor health issues such as asthma, allergies and diabetes.

Ford cars with its SYNC technology will be able to keep a tab on the glucose levels, maintain medical records and give allergy alerts to the drivers and people in the vehicle.

The American automaker has demonstrated the possible application it is trying to develop in its cars to help people suffering from chronic illnesses to monitor themselves and take precautions whenever necessary.

Researchers at Ford teaming up with Medtronic, a leading medical device maker, are developing a prototype system so they can provide continuous glucose monitoring for drivers with diabetes through voice-operated SYNC system, using Bluetooth to connect wireless devices.

The experts are also working with health analytics provider SDI Health and allergy website, which tracks pollen counts and helps drivers who suffer from allergies.

The allergy alert application in the car provides location-based day-by-day index levels for pollen; asthma, cold and cough and ultraviolet sensitivity, as well as four-day forecasts.

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