Ford outsold by Hyundai in August

Ford outsold by Hyundai in August

Figures showing the number of car sales in the UK in August reveal that Hyundai sold more retail cars than Ford for the first time ever.

Hyundai sold a total of 3,531 retail cars in the month, just ahead of Ford, which sold 3,374.

The figures do not include fleet sales, of which Ford made a total of 10,754 registrations, while Hyundai made 3,737.

The news comes as new car registrations rose by 6% in August compared with the same time last year. It is the second consecutive month car sales have seen an increase, following a 2.4% rise in July.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said the rise is due to the success of the scrappage scheme, and a higher demand for small petrol cars. It predicted sales would be even higher in September as it typically accounts for around 17% of all new car registrations in a year.

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