Ford Mondeo tops roadrunner survey

The Ford Mondeo has been declared the country's number one 'roadrunner' after research revealed it covers more distance on UK roads than any other vehicle.

The average Mondeo racks up more than 15,000 miles a year, nearly 600 more than the second-placed Volvo S80.

The league table of Britain's top 10 mile-munchers was based on analysis by Warranty Direct of its 50,000 live policies covering three to 10-year-old models.

It was dominated by larger, more refined vehicles including the Volkswagen Passat and Audi A6, which also cover in excess of 14,000 miles, well above the average of 12,000 miles.

Data shows the Mondeo maintains its reliability despite its high mileage, as only 15% require a warranty claim each year, compared with the Passat, which has a 44% chance of acquiring a fault. Howeverbreakdown cover is recommended even for owners of the most reliable models.

Small cars tend to cover significantly fewer miles. The Nissan Micra was named Britain's least-used car, travelling just 5,580 miles per year on average, while superminis made up nine of the 10 least-used cars.

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