Ford Fiesta tops used car sales

There is strong demand for small, fuel-efficient vehicles among people looking to buy used cars with the Ford Fiesta taking up pole position, according to a study.

Figures released by Experian have revealed that a total of 285,962 models were sold last year, making the Ford Fiesta the best selling used car of the year.

The Vauxhall Corsa claimed second position in the top used car list in 2010 selling 278,169 models. Next in line was the Vauxhall Astra with 271,412 models sales recorded.

The Ford Focus took up the fourth spot, selling 259,355 used models followed by the Volkswagen Golf, the BMW 3 Series, the Renault Clio, the Ford Mondeo, the Vauxhall Vectra, and the Peugeot 206.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Prius claimed 55% of sales in last year's best hybrid car sector, while the Mazda MX-5 outsold the Audi TT.

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