Ford car tech will predict skids

Ford car tech will predict skids

New technology could pin-point the moment when a car might skid.

Ford's initiative, Enhanced Transitional Stability (ETS), may help drivers prevent a loss of control. It will take a bow on the new Focus, and will use a combination of the car's speed and steering wheel activity in order to calculate when a skid might occur.

If it looks like the car will lose control, wheels will brake individually under The Electronic Stability Control system. This can happen before a driver even realises something is going wrong.

The technology aims to "recognise" situations that could lead to a driver losing control, seeking to initiate automatic processes to recover control and protect drivers and their passengers.

The ETS system is not the only enhancement in the new Focus. The model also boasts improved chassis control as well as electric power assisted steering.

The steering system has been recalibrated to reduce the effort of steering, as well as delivering better feedback from the surface of the road.

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