Footballer wins car hire ruling

England striker Darren Bent has won a court ruling in support of his hiring an Aston Martin sports car after insurers argued he should have found a cheaper option following his Mercedes being damaged.

Three appeal judges supported the 27-year-old Aston Villa player, saying he was entitled to hire the Aston Martin sports car at a daily rate of £573.28 plus VAT.

The judges said Bent was entitled to recover the cost of hiring the DB9 at that rate, saying he should get more than £50,000 in total. His case highlights the vital need to take out the best possible deal forcar insurance in case of accidents.

Brent, who was not to blame for the accident in south London, hired the DB9 for about three months. A van caused around £20,000 of damage to his £72,000 Mercedes AMG CLS 63R after emerging from a side road in Greenwich, judges heard.

The insurers for the van owners accepted the footballer was entitled to hire a "broadly equivalent" car while his was being repaired but said the DB9 was worth around £105,000, which was more than the value of the Mercedes.

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