Flying cars could soon reach the UK

British car commuters could fly over long traffic jams thanks to flying cars that have already been cleared for use in the US.

The two-seater concept, named Terrafugia Transition, is very much like a conventional car with a fuel economy of 35mpg and a 65mph top speed.

The 28-feet six-inch wings enable it to fly at 115mph, and the car burns five gallons of fuel an hour while in flight.

European Aviation Safety Agency's clearance is required if the vehicle is to be used in Britain. And the drivers will need pilots licence too.

At the same time, the EU is also seeking to explore the possibilities of another similar concept called myCopter - a Personal Aerial Vehicle - of the same kind.

The EU plans to invest £4.2 million to develop the plan which is backed by the Liverpool University.

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