'Flying' car lands in church roof

Emergency services have been working to remove a car from the roof of a church in Germany after its driver lost control and careered up a slope, crashing into the top of the two-storey building.

Police said that the motorist, 23, was travelling at high speed when he missed a bend in the road, drove through a railing and shot up an embankment before flying 100ft through the air.

The black Skoda was left wedged in the roof of the building, more than 20ft above the ground. A special rescue vehicle had to be called in to free the driver, who was then taken to hospital where he is said to be in a serious condition.

The roof of the Lutheran church in Limbach-Oberfrohna, east Germany, was badly damaged in the incident. Chemnitz police spokesman Frank Fischer commented: "We've never had a case of a car landing in a church before."

He said that the cause of the accident could have been excessive speed, and added that the driver was being tested for alcohol.

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