Flying buggy back from Timbuktu

That magnificent man and his flying car are back in the UK after their 43-day, 4,000-mile journey to Timbuktu in West Africa.

Ex-SAS officer Neil Laughton piloted and drove the Skycar Expedition microlight dune buggy from London through Spain to Africa with only the occasional mishap.

The fly-drive included soaring over the Pyrenees, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the Sahara Desert. Other notable obstacles included minefields and 100ft sand dunes.

Said Neil: "Despite a few near misses - landing in the sea and on a tree - the highlight for me was an extraordinary 15-minute flight from Europe to North Africa, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar."

The intrepid adventurer, who has also climbed the highest mountains on seven continents and trekked to the North Pole, completed 10 flying missions before arriving in Timbuktu on February 25.

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