Flu sufferers warned not to drive

Motorists suffering from heavy colds or flu have been warned they could see a 50% drop in their driving ability.

New research by safety experts has shown that cold and flu symptoms can lead to a dramatic increase in poor driving.

In particular the results of the survey, conducted by Halfords, displayed a dramatic decrease in concentration, reaction times and awareness of other road users, in drivers with cold or flu symptoms.

The effects have been likened to consuming four large whiskies before getting behind the wheel and insurance companies and the police have urged people to carefully consider if they are fit to drive.

The survey showed that the affects of symptoms would certainly increase the chances of the driver being involved in a collision, emphasizing the importance that all drivers ensure they have reliable breakdown cover.

Mark Dolphin, Halford's Winter Driving Expert said: "We want our customers to stay safe. You shouldn't drive if you are not feeling well. The best place to be when you have flu or a heavy cold is at home, but if you really must go out, get someone else to take you and avoid driving."

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