Flu remedies warning to drivers

Flu remedies warning to drivers

Motorists suffering from the flu have been urged to check their cold remedies before taking to the road, as many contain alcohol and may have serious side effects.

A study by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has found that nearly two in three people (64%) have driven after taking flu medication, and around one in eight (13%) said they experienced side effects while driving.

One in three drivers (33%) also admitted to not reading the instructions before taking the medication, which can contain up to 18% of alcohol.

The RPS said drivers taking these drugs are often unaware that they are at a higher risk of experiencing reduced reaction times, blurred vision, and lethargy. This can raise the likelihood of them causing an accident and having to make a claim on theircar insurance .

Police across the UK prosecuted 2,676 drivers who were driving under the influence of cold remedies in the three years between 2011 and 2013.

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