First Mini voted best British car

First Mini voted best British car

The first-ever Mini model has beaten the McLaren F1 and Jaguar E-type to the honour of the best car ever made in Britain, in the opinion of Autocar readers.

Its list of the 100 best British cars contains seven Lotus models, making the Norfolk-based firm the country's most popular car manufacturer.

The E-type and D-type models are two of six Jaguars on the list, while the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is one of six Fords.

Aston Martin is another name synonymous with British motoring and its DB5, seen in James Bond films, is one of five of its cars in the top 100.

The 1959 Sir Alec Issigonis-designed Mini became famous all over the globe and BMW relaunched it with a new version a decade ago.

Chas Hallett, Autocar's brand editor, is not surprised that the original Mini took the honour because of its iconic status and the fact it represents the UK car industry and Great Britain as a nation.

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