Firms urged: Improve staff driving

Firms urged: Improve staff driving

Companies are being warned: improve your workers' driving skills.

The call comes after new figures show the company motorists were to blame for nearly half of all accidents involving company vehicles in 2013.

LexAutolease's research shows that this was the case in 49% of 44,448 such accidents.

The UK's biggest fleet provider has urged companies to help make their staff better drivers to reap both road safety and economic benefits, such as cheaper car insurance .

This is underlined in LexAutolease figures which show these accidents cost firms over £26 million in surplus insurance premiums.

As many as one in 10 accidents involved collisions with static objects, including bridges or walls, suggesting a fundamental lack of attention and care. Such accidents cost businesses over £2.5 million.

Over 3,000 company vehicle accidents involved driving into another vehicle's back. More than 2,000 struck another vehicle when reversing.

LexAutolease's Richard Harper said the figures clearly show that companies have to take more action to enhance their workers' driving standards.

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