Firms buy Nanos for staff bonuses

Thousands of Tata Nanos are being ordered by companies in India that want to offer the world's smallest car as a staff bonus.

Shree Cement has placed an order for 1,000 Nanos, each costing £1,300, even though there is no guarantee they will get them as the cars made will be sold to customers using a lottery system.

A Shree spokesman said: "We have already booked 1,000 Nanos from dealers in Kolkatta for deserving employees across India.

"We are planning a scheme by which we will award them the cars but the details have not been finalised yet. We are not sure up to which level of employee designation we should introduce this scheme."

He added that it is the Nano's low pollution level and environment-friendly qualities which led to the company using the car as a bonus.

H M Bangur, managing director at Shree Cement, added: "Of the total 1,000 cars booked, we hope to get about 200 cars between July 2009 and June 2010. The rest of the 800 cars will be allotted to us later. They will be given to the employees as part of the company's human resources strategy."

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