Firm unveils new rust prevention

Classic cars will soon start benefiting from a unique rust removal technology.

Surface Processing Limited (SPL) is all set to resurrect the electrophoretic or 'e-coating' rust prevention method for the benefit of classic and vintage cars.

The chemical cleaning services provider has offered exclusive access to an innovative, military-grade technology flexible enough to take anything from individual body panels to a full body shell. And, the plant is set to be the only type of its kind in the whole of the UK.

SPL boss Adrian McMurray said: "E-coating is applied to the majority of the world's new cars and is specifically designed to provide front line defence against mild steel corrosion.

"Coupled with our fully immersive chemical cleaning process, that removes the majority of corrosion before the e-coating treatment, it is an excellent solution for ensuring the longevity of a steel-bodied car that may not have received the treatment first time around."

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